Residential Rental Agreement Disclosure


(To accompany the rental application)

YOU ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CHARGES & FEES IF ANY OF THE VIOLATIONS OCCUR DURING YOUR TENANCY (subject to change).(Applicants must print name, sign & date this Residential Rental Agreement Disclosure)

There is $35.00 application charge per applicant that is 18 years old or older.

If monthly rent is not in our office by 11:59 PM on the 4th day of the month, there will be a $75.00 late fee, all of which must be paid in guaranteed funds, i.e. money order or cashier’s check only.

If it is necessary to post a 72-hour notice for non-payment of rent, there will be a $25.00 posting fee in addition to the $75.00 late fee all of which must be paid in guaranteed funds, i.e. money order or cashier’s check only.  If any other notice of violation is posted to your rental unit, there will be a $25.00 posting fee in addition to the violation fee.

If there is a payment returned to 221 for any reason, there will be a $37.50 NSF fee, $75.00 late fee and possibly a $25.00 posting fee, all of which must be paid in guaranteed funds (money order or cashier’s check only).  If 221 receives TWO (2) returned payments, then all future payments must be paid in guaranteed funds, i.e. money order or cashier’s check only.

If it becomes necessary to file for eviction there will be a $100.00 fee assessed to the tenant for EACH trip that is taken to the courthouse for the duration of the process (in addition to any other court and/or attorney fees).

NON-COMPLIANCE FEES: (Including but not limited to the following (any violation of the terms of the lease/rental agreement):

Failure of the tenant/s to sign up for utilities effective upon signing this agreement, per utility per billing cycle.

Failure of the tenant/s to keep utilities in their name/s during your tenancy and if a utility is shut off due to non-payment.

Unauthorized person/s living at the residence, Parking violations, Failure of the tenants to pick up & dispose of “Pet Waste” on a daily basis, Improper use of vehicles on the rental property & Smoking violation at a non-smoking property.

Failure of the tenant/s to maintain renter’s insurance during the duration of your tenancy (in accordance with ORS 90.222).

If there is a violation of the above mentioned items or any violations of the lease/rental agreement – tenant/s will be give a written warning notice of the initial non-compliance violation.  There will be a $50.00 non-compliance fee if the same or similar violation (2nd occurrence) which occurs within one year of initial warning notice, and a $50.00 non-compliance fee plus 5% of the current rent amount for subsequent same or similar violations.

UNAUTHORIZED PET/S: The 2nd non-compliance fee is $50.00. Subsequent non-compliance fee during tenancy is $250.00

(ORS 90.302 (3) (a) (A). Unauthorized pet fees will be imposed 48 hours after warning notice is delivered to tenant/s.

No dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, hamsters, etc. or aquariums, water beds, pianos, organs, pools, trampolines, tree houses, jungle gyms, operating/driving of motorized vehicles on the rental property such as but NOT limited to: motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s, quads, etc. are NOT allowed without the written consent of the owner/agent (may require proof of insurance if allowed).  Pets may NOT be added or replaced without the written approval from 221. Tenant accepts responsibility for any and all damages caused by pet(s).

RENTER’S INSURANCE EXCEPTIONS: If the household income of the tenant/s is equal to or less than 50% of the area median income, adjusted for family size as measured up to a five-person family, as determined by the State Housing Council based on information from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or if the tenant/s dwelling unit has been subsidized with public funds.

SMOKING IN A CLEARLY DESIGNATED NON-SMOKING UNIT OR AREA OF THE PREMISES: The 2nd (second) non-compliance fee is $50.00. The fee for the 3rd (third) and subsequent non-compliance fee during tenancy is $250.00 (ORS 90.302 (3) (a) (A)

Smoking violation fee will be imposed after 24 hours of the warning notice delivered to tenants.

If smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors are tampered with removed or made inoperable, there will be a fine levied of $250.00 per each occurrence as determined by 221 (this includes, but is not limited to, removal of the battery).

Tenant will be charged a lock-out fee of $68.00 plus fuel charge if 221 has to unlock resident’s door during normal business hours.  After hours & weekends or a holiday or after 9:00 PM (after hours) the charge will be $90.00 plus fuel charge.

$5.00 fee per cigarette butt found/present on the property  during any inspection of rental property at any time during your tenancy.

Tenant caused maintenance handled by 221  will be charged at a minimum of $45.00 per hour plus materials & fuel charge (subject to change) and after-hours calls (after 5:00 PM,  evenings & weekends) will be charged at time and a half.  Holidays and after 9:00 PM will be charged double time. Outside vendor charges will be billed as charged and will be due IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of billing.

Current tenants (18 years old or older) that have rented with 221 for at least six (6) months and that want to apply to rent a different rental property would need to submit another application(s) along with a $35.00 application charge per applicant (18 years or older), which must be paid in guaranteed funds, i.e. money order or cashier’s check).  You will also have to pay a $25.00 interior inspection fee in guaranteed funds, i.e. money order or cashier’s check, which will be considered in evaluating your application to rent another unit through 221.  A tenant may NOT transfer a security deposit from one unit to another. Once the tenant has vacated a unit, 221 has 31 days to submit the accounting for that security deposit. All charges over normal cleaning & carpet cleaning will be charged an administrative fee of 10% of the total costs.

A $25.00 interior inspection fee (must be paid in guaranteed funds – money order or cashier’s check only) will be charged if tenant(s) wants to remove a roommate and for 221 to consider if the remaining tenant(s) will be allowed to stay in the unit. Remaining tenant(s) must qualify according to all application policies. If not approved all occupants must vacate the rental property.

A $50.00 fee (must be paid in guaranteed funds – money order or cashier’s check only) to change the rental agreement if a tenant is removed or a new tenant is added as a roommate to an existing rental agreement. This is in addition to the interior inspection fee.

A Fixed Term Tenancy or Lease termination fee of 1.5 times the rent or damages related to the cost of re-renting to a new tenant shall be charged.



Note to Potential Clients

The following information is subject to change. Prospect is responsible for verifying information & availability.

NOTE: A $40.00 per-applicant Application Charge IS REQUIRED, PAYABLE UPON SUBMITTING APPLICATION. Application Charge must be in the form of a money order or cashiers check - no personal check or cash will be accepted. Landlord references, credit history & source of income/employment are verified. Smokers will be charged an additional fee. Properties which allow pets will be charged a monthly pet rent. ALL DATES of availability are approximates-exact date is contingent upon when the keys are returned and the home is ready to re-rent.

The "available soon" properties are still occupied by tenants and require an appointment to view.